[Fw_Os_Forum] UEFI license agreement and community-run implementations?

Kevin Davis Kevin.Davis at insyde.com
Tue Jan 5 14:33:11 EST 2016


I suggest you contact the UEFI President, Mark Doren. ( mark . doran @ intel . com )  He has the answers.


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Hey all,

Putting my U-Boot custodian hat on, there are various parts of the UEFI specification we would like to implement in our project.  I'm quite glad that the specifications are freely available to read.  My question however is how would the adopter membership agreement work for us to implement any of the spec?  Would the people that are writing the code have to work for a company that has executed the adopter agreement?  Or is it possible to have certain projects granted an exemption?  I assume that this question must be settled to some degree for the EDK II UEFI implementation hosted by TianoCore.org.  Thanks!


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