[Fw_Os_Forum] UEFI PCIe issues with HPE G8 & G10 systems

Florian Scholz Florian.Scholz at nateurope.com
Fri Mar 1 09:55:47 EST 2024

Hello together,
I'm not sure if this mailing list is the best place for this topic. If not, please apologize.

We are currently experiencing the issue that a PCIe card, based on the Pericom PI7C9X112 chip works with every tested consumer mainboard (Older and newer MSI & ASRock boards in UEFI mode) and with HP Enterprise DL160 G8 servers. But it doesn't work with DL380 G8/G10 systems.

The last displayed line is "Early PCI Initialization - Start".

Do you have any idea about possible causes? Do you have similar experience with the HPE UEFI firmware?

Best regards,
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