[Fw_Os_Forum] ACPI EC SMBus controller query handling

Armin Wolf W_Armin at gmx.de
Fri Feb 17 19:31:47 EST 2023


while writing a driver for the ACPI EC SMBus controller (ACPI0001/ACPI0005), i stumbled upon a issue
for which i found no solution in the current ACPI specification.

When the ACPI EC issues the query associated with the ACPI EC SMBus controller, should either:
- only the custom handler be executed
- both the custom handler and the corresponding _Qxx method be executed (which one first?)

On my machine containing the aforementioned ACPI0001 device, the _Qxx method associated with the
ACPI EC SMBus basically resets all SMBus alert events, which AFAIK is not normal behavior.
What would be the standard-compliant behaviour in such a case?

Armin Wolf

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