[Fw_Os_Forum] Can a UEFI App Persist on Boot Flash even if Boot Loader UEFI App persists on SDD Partition?

Andy VanDamia andy.vandamia at trustiphi.com
Tue Jul 19 10:48:30 EDT 2022

Hi, UEFI Forum.

I have the following platform configuration/operational UEFI scenario:

  *   The UEFI OS bootloader application persists in a UEFI boot partition on the SSD
  *   A custom/proprietary UEFI application (which will be configured to run early in the UEFI run process) is required to persist in the same system boot flash that the UEFI core code is stored (as opposed to storing the app on the SSD)

Does UEFI support the above operational scenario?

After looking at the UEFI spec, I could not quite understand whether the above was possible so decided to ask.

Thank you very much as I appreciate the help.

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