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For the life of me I cannot succeed in creating an "HTTP Boot" entry within
the UEFI "Boot Manager" for an Intel NUC7CJYH.


The NUC is running the latest 0047 firmware with EFI Shell version 2.6.0
[5.13] by American Megatrends, yet without 'native' "bcfg", "ifconfig6" or
"ping6" support.


The EDKII Interactive Shell (version 2.2) provides the device's IPv6 config
and confirms successfully ping6's to the DHCP server.


With the EDKII Interactive Shell's (version 2.2) own "bcfg", it is easily
added to the "Boot Manager" via 


"bcfg boot add 6 \EFI\tools\shellx64.efi "EDKII-Shell".


No options exists in the NUC's EFI Boot Manager to add any boot entries
manually and enabling network support only provides PXE network boot options
as confirmed with "bcfg boot dump" being:


Desc - UEFI : LAN : PXE IP6 Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

DevPath -




Desc - UEFI : LAN : PXE IP4 Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

DevPath -


However, I simply cannot specify the Realtek GBE PCI device correctly when
trying to add an HTTP network boot option, i.e:


"bcfg boot add 7




"bcfg boot add 8


I would truly appreciate some insight into the correct structure or syntax
required when specifying the DevPath for an HTTP network boot option.





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