[Fw_Os_Forum] UEFI SysPrep apps are never launched

Chris Harris harris32ax at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 16:33:49 EDT 2018

In experiments with a simple "hello world + press any key" UEFI app, I have
not found any PC that will execute the app when I install it as a
SysPrep#### variable.

For example:

- Ubuntu is installed on a test PC with a single HDD, GPT partitioned,
- Using EFI shell, copy a test app "hello.efi" from UFD (fs1:) to
- Boot to Ubuntu and use efibootmgr to add a SysPrep variable:
sudo efibootmgr -y –create –disk /dev/sda –part 1 –loader /EFI/hello.efi
–label "hello" –verbose
- Result:
SysPrepOrder: 0000
SysPrep0000* hello
- Reboot PC, and let it boot normally.
- The "hello.efi" SysPrep app does not run.  The OS simply boots.

On each PC I have tested, I verified that the EFI BootOptionSupport
variable has bit 4 set (0x10), indicating EFI_BOOT_OPTION_SUPPORT_SYSPREP.
Most of these PC's are EFI FW rev 2.5;  one system is EFI FW rev 2.6.

Is it accurate to say any EFI app that will run as a Boot#### variable,
will also run as a SysPrep#### variable?

On each PC I have tested, the hello.efi app does run from a Boot####
variable (using same efibootmgr command as above, without "-y"), but never
runs as a SysPrep#### variable.

I'm trying to understand if I'm doing something wrong, or if SysPrep is
just not "really" supported in the UEFI FW in all of these systems.

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