[Fw_Os_Forum] Using Multiple caddied disks to teach students OS installation etc

Blibbet blibbet at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 15:13:59 EDT 2018

Complete guess: "caddied" hard drive support is probably not a default
feature of a stock BIOS or UEFI. Your BIOS had disk caddy support, but
your UEFI does not. Ask your caddy vendor for new firmware support.

As a workaround, how about dropping into UEFI Shell, using startup.nsh
to run appropriate shell commands to mount the various disks, instead of
hoping the firmware will do what you want. At least with UEFI, you have
a chance to fix things in shell before OS starts. If you can't
see/access these drives from the UEFI Shell, then I presume you will
need a caddy update to your firmware.

Again, complete guess. :-)

On 04/19/2018 06:53 AM, Peter Gibbins wrote:
> I have a unusual problem with UEFI
> I have a lab of 20+ PCs which is used continuously - each student uses a numbered "Caddied" hard drive for their installation exercises
> In this way we can have several classes doing installation exercises consecutively.
> Problem...  If "BIOS" (I know it's not ) is in UEFI mode the system records all the previous installations as if it were a multiple boot system.
> Also, as the other installations no longer exist, if you click a previous installation in error, the OS is not found...
> Switching to "Legacy Only" mode allows the caddied drives to operate normally.
> However,  Is this the only way?  Can /UEFI be configured to accept multiple, dismountable drives?
> Any help in setting up a stable environment for this lab would be appreciated
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