[Fw_Os_Forum] Will industry follow Intel’s plan to remove UEFI legacy support?

Blibbet blibbet at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 17:07:19 EDT 2018

I don't know any details of Intel's 2020 BIOS deprecation plans. I asked
Intel for questions, but got a complete non-answer, so don't expect
anyone from Intel to jump into this UEFI thread with details. :-(

I presume it means Intel will not longer ship Intel's BIOS
implementation on any of their boards, presumably only shipping UEFI.

If vendor is relying on Intel's BIOS implementation, they'll have to
find another implementation (eg, seaBIOS).

Vendor would also have to replace the firmware that Intel ships
(probably UEFI-based) with their 'aftermarket' BIOS-payload-based solution.

Today, Intel FSP is used by BIOS and UEFI. If Intel FSP no longer works
for non-UEFI systems, that could be an issue. Don't most Intel-based
vendors rely on FSP these days?

And Intel plans to deprecate BIOS in 2020 are their own. What are plans
of AMD and other x86-compat chip vendors? They may be other options for
non-Intel BIOS beyond 2020.

If nobody is maintaining the BIOS-centric code in Tianocore but Intel,
and they stop in 2020, then presumably the BIOS code will get bitrot and
eventually be removed, unless some vendor who wants BIOS support in UEFI
maintains it. AFAICT, most UEFI maintainers prefer UEFI-only firmware,
the CSM was Legacy code that nobody wants to see anymore.

Bare-metal aside, I presume BIOS will live on a bit longer in virtual
machines, supporting FreeDOS/MS-DOS legacy apps.

Again, I don't know Intel's plans for BIOS deprecation.


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