[Fw_Os_Forum] possible UEFI vs ACPI documentation disagreement/improvement suggestions

Doran, Mark mark.doran at intel.com
Thu Jul 21 11:56:43 EDT 2016

Hi Rudolf:

Sorry -- this is my fault really.  Your message arrived during the US
holiday at a time when we didn't have work group meetings for a couple of
weeks straight.  Dong forwarded your questions to the group's internal
mailing list.  I have seen no replies from subject matter experts as yet.
As a result, I was planning to put it on the agenda for the meeting that we
did have for the work group last week.  Unfortunately it slipped my mind to
include that item so we didn't discuss it yet.

Suffice it to say: you are asking in the right place.  Reminder are good --
you are welcome to nag me by direct email about this.  We just need to get
on with it for you.


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> Hi all,
> I failed to get any answer about the ACPI document issues from
> mark.doran at intel.com, dong.wei at hp.com which I found on the UEFI pages
> as advised. Is there another way to contact the ACPI board somehow?
> Thanks
> Rudolf
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