[Fw_Os_Forum] Question about UEFI / GPT / MBR usage

John Koshi jkoshi at yahoo.com
Sat May 14 12:44:45 EDT 2016

I have a HP Envy 700-215xt Desktop, with UEFI, and WIndows 7 on it's original 1 TB drive. I've added a 2 TB internal drive, initialized as GPT, and installed Fedora 22 on it's first 500 GB. The UEFI boot order is set to boot to Grub2 on the second drive, which lists Fedora and Windows 7 in it's boot menu. This setup works fine so far.
I have an "Anker" e-SATA hard drive docking station (which has it's own power supply) connected by an eSATA cable and an adapter, to the one remaining SATA connector on the IPM87-MP mobo, and with a 2 TB WD SATA drive installed in the docking station, with the intention of installing a bootable Ubuntu 16.04 on its first terabyte.
My first question is, should the new drive in the docking station be initialized as GPT or MBR? GPT should work for that drive, but if I was to get another drive later and want to use that in the same docking station, is there a possibility of a GUID conflict when UEFI's boot manager tries to boot the same entry in the boot order, for the docking station?
Secondly, if there is a possible conflict in the above scenario, will initializing the drive as MBR prevent such a conflict and allow installation of Ubuntu normally, and for it to show up in the Fedora's boot menu by using Fedora's grub2-mkconfig to detect and include the new OS, and still be able to later install another new drive in the docking station, without any disk / partition GUID conflicts, or corruption of the UEFI configuration of the overall system

Thanks in advance.
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