[Fw_Os_Forum] How to detect devices that support touch

Venkat Gorla venkatagorla at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 04:05:37 EST 2016


We are making some product changes that are specific to touch devices (such
as a tablet) in the Windows pre-boot UEFI environment. I am referring the
following document for the UEFI specification:

However I haven't been able to definitively check for touch devices vs
non-touch devices using the specification.

For example, querying for the absolute pointer protocol interface succeeds
even on a non-touch device such as a laptop or a desktop. Additionally, the
absolute max X and max Y values are also being reported as non-zero when I
query the "Mode" of the protocol interface.

So my question is how do I filter out the negative scenarios (devices that
don't support touch) using the UEFI specification?

Any pointers or help will is much appreciated.

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