[Fw_Os_Forum] efi shell command output of ls

BN, Srinivas srinivas.bn at hpe.com
Tue Feb 23 06:18:48 EST 2016

Hi Song,

* Symbol wasn't there before with 2.0 Shell and also UEFI Shell SPEC for 2.1 Version does not show this either.

Refer to the attached UEFI Shell Spec 2.1 -> Page 172 of 252

[cid:image001.jpg at 01D16E5A.07529660]

Looks like this is a BUG.

Srinivas BN

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From: Han, Song (EXL-CS)
Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2016 2:46 PM
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Cc: Jain, Anshul (STSD); BN, Srinivas; zhang, baowen (EXL-CS-Contractor); Zhang, Dongwei
Subject: efi shell command output of ls

Hi all,
Recently we merged the latest UEFI Shell code (v2.1) and found that the 1st line of output has an asterisk at the end, why does this asterisk append at the end ? I remember efi shellv2.0 didn't have such sign before

Shell> ls -r FS0:
Directory of: FS0:\*
12/13/2015  10:10 <DIR>         2,048  efi
01/14/2016  11:53 <DIR>         2,048  dir1
01/15/2016  10:18             328,192  fpswa.efi
01/15/2016  10:18             360,960  ping.efi
01/15/2016  10:18             570,368  tcpipv4.efi
01/21/2016  10:37          20,982,128  file_to_tranfer
01/21/2016  16:36             119,648  7zip.efi
          5 File(s)  22,361,296 bytes
          2 Dir(s)

Best Regards
Song Han

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