[Fw_Os_Forum] Strange behavior of the DS-5 debugger on AARCH64 with step-by-step debugging in uefi

Vladimir Olovyannikov volovyan at broadcom.com
Thu Nov 5 16:46:19 EST 2015


I faced a very strange behavior of the DS-5 debugger when I debug AARCH64  UEFI with the latest
(well, the one which contains
DEFINE GCC_DLINK2_FLAGS_COMMON     = --script=$(EDK_TOOLS_PATH)/Scripts/GccBase.lds
Whenever I step in the debugger it never matches the source where the execution point currently is.
It is impossible to step-by-step debug with this...
If I switch to the older tools_def.template, I don't have those issues, and can debug with no problem.
However, the ShellPkg cannot be built with older tools_def.template if I want to have ShellPkg (New Shell) instead of ShellBinPkg.

Please advise if I am doing anything wrong?

This is how I debug if step-by-step debug is needed:

I place a while(1) in a place of interest. Build UEFI, and then reboot the board and run the uefi; then when it reaches the point of while1,
I connect DS-5 to the device and execute
ArmPlatformPkg/Scripts/Ds5/cmd_load_symbols.py -f (0x85000000,0x00280000) -m (0x80000000,0x40000000) -a

And expect to be at the (while1 line). With the latest tools_def.tempalte the source point is weird; with the previous ones - OK.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,
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